We want YOU to play a part in the OFFICIAL video for “Captured,” the first single from EVENING:MORNING.  We are going to compile performances from around the world from folks just like you!
Here’s the criteria:
1.  Pre-order EVENING:MORNING at http://www.thedigitalagemusic.com   -or-   Listen to “Captured” here   -or-   Buy it on iTunes
2.  Find the nearest white wall.
3.  Stand in front of said wall.
4.  Film yourself singing and/or playing random musical instruments along with “Captured.”
5.  Have fun.
6.  Upload your video to YouTube with the title “Hey TDA, I’m Captured” before midnight on August 1st. If you’re not into the whole YouTube thing, you can email a high res version to [email protected]
Here’s a guarantee for ya…everyone who follows the above criteria will be included in the OFFICIAL music video.  That’s right!  We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!