Well guys, Summer is finally upon us.  Lemonade stands are popping up on almost every corner;  folks are stockpiling fireworks in preparation for the grandest of July 4th celebrations (stay safe kids);  sno-cone consumption has doubled in recent weeks, and overall happiness is nearing an all-time high.  These are good times, dare we say great times. For these reasons and more, we in The Digital Age can barely contain our excitement.  We love lemonade.  We love fireworks.  We love freedom.  We love sno-cones (specifically of the rainbow variety). We love happiness…and WE LOVE BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!
So…without further ado:
That’s right!  You’ve waited long enough. You’ve exercised a commendable level of patience, and the wait is finally…finally over!
A little bit of insider information for you guys:  EVENING:MORNING is somewhat conceptual in nature.  The album takes place between 7pm and 7am with each song correlating to an hour block of the night.   With themes of creation and renewal, EVENING:MORNING mirrors our journey from our last album release as members of the David Crowder*Band to where we find ourselves today.  The sun is rising.  The birds are chirping.  It’s a brand-new day folks!!! We are thrilled, hopeful, and expecting great things ahead!
We have several pre-order packages to suit your refined tastes ranging from a Digital Download of EVENING:MORNING to a fully loaded package with too much goodness to list here.  You want to know the best part? We’ve arranged for every pre-order package to include access to an instant stream of EVENING:MORNING in it’s entirety.  That’s right!!! If you pre-order, you can instantly listen to EVENING:MORNING as many times as you’d like between now and release day (Aug 13th!!!) And…as an added bonus, you can instantly download the first “chapter” of E:M (Songs 1-4).
Ready… ok go!  Check out the packages now at: http://www.thedigitalagemusic.com
In other news, we pose a series of questions:
Do you like to sing? (pitch is optional)
Do you play an instrument?  (pitch and rhythm are optional)
Do you like fun?
Yes. Yes. And YES!  Ok…so here’s the deal:  We want YOU to play a part in the OFFICIAL video for “Captured,” the first single from EVENING:MORNING.  We are going to compile performances from around the world from folks just like you!
Here’s the criteria:
1.  Pre-order EVENING:MORNING at http://www.thedigitalagemusic.com   -or-   Listen to “Captured” here.
2.  Find the nearest white wall.
3.  Stand in front of said wall.
4.  Film yourself singing and/or playing random musical instruments along with “Captured.”
5.  Have fun.
6.  Upload your video to YouTube with the title “Hey TDA, I’m Captured” before midnight on August 1st.
Here’s a guarantee for ya…everyone who follows the above criteria will be included in the OFFICIAL music video.  That’s right!  We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!
Until next time, have a great Summer y’all, and enjoy a few sno-cones for us!
-The Digital Age (Bwack, Mike D, Jack, and Mark)
P.S. We will be doing our very first headline tour this fall! Stay tuned for dates and ticket links for the album release tour!